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Team KATSANA is proud to announce the release of our new flagship application – DriveMark™. The mobile telematics app is the culmination of our 4 years progress in telematics and vehicle tracking system. DriveMark will be our foray into becoming the largest provider of usage-based insurance in Malaysia and at the same time becoming the enabler for safer driving.

Do you know that Malaysia is ranked 16th in the world when it comes to road fatalities? Staying true to our core mission to create safer roads in Malaysia, Team KATSANA is charting a new path to become the catalyst for safer driving in Malaysia.

Using the same KATSANA technology to score drivers, a unique expertise that has been honed through massive amount of data (we have collected over 400 million kms of travel journey), the team decided it is time to put our learnings to good use. 8 months in secrecy and covert development, DriveMark is available to all Malaysians and beyond.

The app can be downloaded at

DriveMark on Apple AppStore | DriveMark on Google Play

DriveMark trains you to become safer driver

DriveMark is a revolutionary app that tracks your behavior while driving and score the trip using our proprietary algorithm. It trains you to become better and safer driver by detecting risky patterns, such as harsh acceleration, sudden braking due to lack of anticipation, and harsh cornering while at speed.

To put it simply, DriveMark allows you to self-quantify your road behavior.

Once installed, DriveMark runs automatically on your phone without any user interference. It is engineered to be running in the background and intelligently detects your driving movement. Once driving is stopped, DriveMark will then provide you with the score of the trip, and tells your tendencies to drive recklessly based on four primary components.

We have plenty more features to be added in the pipeline. Download DriveMark now and let us know your feedback!

Usage-Based Insurance app in Malaysia

Summary of DriveMark mobile telematics app

1. What is DriveMark?
DriveMark is a mobile telematics app that tracks, score and quantify your driving behavior.

2. Do I need to turn on DriveMark everytime I drive?
No, DriveMark runs automatically in the background. You do not need to open the app everytime you drive.

3. Do I need to turn on phone GPS?
Yes, phone GPS need to be turned on all the time.

4. Will this drain my battery?
DriveMark will be dormant if you are not driving. It will switch to active and use battery only when you are on the move.

5. Whats the aspiration behind DriveMark?
We realise that Malaysia is ranked highly on road fatalities and accidents. Number 16th in the whole world to be exact. We engineer DriveMark to be the catalyst for safer driving in Malaysia.

6. How does this relate to motor insurance?
We are working to provide motor insurance discounts to drivers that exhibit high DriveMark score, which hopefully derives from good on-road behavior.

7. Does this mean my data is accessible by insurers?
No, we specifically design DriveMark to empower drivers. Your identifiable data will not be shared to motor insurers without your consent. You decide which insurers you want to share the data to.

8. Beyond scoring drivers, is there any other features available?
We have plenty more features in the pipeline, focusing on gamifications and social elements. Stay tuned for more.

9. Sounds good so far. How do I submit bug reports, comments, and feedbacks?
You may send an email direct to

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