What is a policy?

What is a policy?

Set up your vehicle's policy in Katsana

Policies are a set of rules imposed on your vehicle. If the vehicle breaches the policy, you will be sent a notification via your email, Katsana iOS App and/or Katsana Android App. Currently, Katsana has 5 policies, click on each policy’s name to learn more about it and how to set it up.

Speed limit policy : Set up the maximum speed limit for the vehicle.
Area policy : Set up geo-fence and declare whether vehicles should enter or should never the fenced area.
Movement policy : Set up working hour policy for your vehicle.
Refuel policy : Set up the max refueling amount for your vehicle
Siphoning policy : Set up the minimum % of fuel siphoning for your vehicle.

Refueling and Siphoning policies requires Katsana™ Fuel Monitoring device.

You can also learn more about configuring notification for policy violation.