Why am I receiving “Low Battery Alert”?

Why am I receiving “Low Battery Alert”?

Low power/battery notification

One of our feature is the option for you to receive low battery alert. This alert will be sent to you whenever our device detects a low power from your vehicle’s battery point. Here are the reasons for the low power:

Your vehicle’s ‘eco mode’.

New vehicles have a built-in eco mode – the vehicle’s power consumption/circulation drops after a few minutes of idling/parking in order to improve battery’s life. When this mode kicks in, the power circulation drops drastically; our device detects the drop and will send notification to you.

Your vehicle’s power is turned off (for lorries, prime movers and the likes).

Certain lorries and prime movers have switches that can be used to completely turn off any power circulation for the vehicle. Once this switch is turned off, you will get notification stating that there’s a power drop/low battery.

Your battery’s life is deteriorating.

If two of the above are not applied to you, your battery’s life could be deteriorating. You can check your battery’s life using the guide here. We highly suggest for you to check your battery and replace it the soonest.

Potential connection tampering.

If the above three is ruled out, the last reason would be a potential tampering of the device. If this is the case, do check your vehicle immediately. To further enhance the security, do consider to add our KATSANA immobilizer for your vehicle. You can get more info here.