Fleet Violation Summary

Fleet Violation Summary

From the Fleet Management page, you can filter your fleet’s violation summary by following these simple steps:

1st Step : Go to your Violation Summary.

Fleet Violation Summary

Click on “Katsana Fleet” at the top and click on “Violation Summary” tab.

2nd Step : Filter report according to date.

You can filter the report by simply clicking on the date filter shown above. Refer to the screenshot:

Filter dates report

A calendar will pops up, allowing you to choose your date.


Once chosen, the report will be filtered in according to the date.

3rd Step: Print the reports

Simply tap on the print buttonbutton located at the top-right section of the page. A new tab will be opened automatically and prompts you to choose your printer.

Fleet violation preview prints

You can print the reports to .pdf in order to distribute it in soft copy.