Assign Managers To Your Fleet

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Create KATSANA fleet managers

Once you’ve created your fleet, you can assign managers to each fleet. The managers will have access to view the fleets and generate reports from each fleet’s dashboard. Here’s how you can assign the managers:

Step 1: Click on Fleets:

Click on fleet

Step 2: Click on Fleet Managers:

Click of Fleet manager

Step 3: Click “Add New Manager”:

Click add new manager

Step 4: Key in the manager’s detail:

Fleet manager's detail

Email: The manager’s email address. An invitation will be sent to the email.

Full name: The manager’s full name.

Fleets: The available fleet under your account. You can create multiple fleets; choose which fleets that you want this manager to manage. Learn more on how to create fleets.

Step 5: Click submit.

That’s it! Once the user accepts the invitation, he/she will have access to the fleet you’ve assigned to him/her in step 4.