IoT Project Manager (Mid-Level to Senior) |

About the Job

This position is under KATSANA Fleet Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of KATSANA Holdings Sdn Bhd.

KATSANA Fleet Services Sdn Bhd connects legacy industrial sensors to the cloud, enabling industries to have real-time visibility of their operation.

You will answer, and receive direct tutelage from the CEO and Head of Engineering in communicating and managing customers, building empathy in understanding and solving customer problems, and working tightly with team members to deliver an exceptional experience for customers.

You are expected to be able to hold conversations in Malay and English; take note that proficiency in Mandarin or Tamil will be valuable. You should be able to write well in form of emails, reports or documentation for management or customers.

You are expected to accompany enterprise consultants, operations, project delivery and customer support departments to meet customers anywhere in Malaysia and South-East Asia.

You will be the bridge between customers and our engineers, managing delivery of IoT projects by our team of software and hardware engineers, and the champion in ensuring success for our customers.


Job Requirements

Experience: 2 (Mid) to 5 (Senior) years of experience

Education: Degree in the fields below

  • Engineering
  • IT or Computer Science
  • Business or Business Administration
  • Management

Personality Trait:

  • Energetic: You will accompany team members for meetings in Malaysia and overseas. You might also be traveling on your own, during the day or at night. Weekdays or weekends. Rain or shine, our customer is the number one priority.
  • Personable: Pleasant appearance and manner. You should be comfortable in communicating & conversing with all walks of life, from the hardworking people on the ground to managers and employers in meeting rooms.
  • Structured & Organized: You prefer clarity in organisation than organized chaos. You take notes, you have personal folders, and may even separate whites and colored shirt when doing your laundry.

Submitting job application

To apply for this position, please submit the documents listed below to

  • CV or Resume
  • A brief introduction of yourself and motivations to apply for this position

Your prospect to be chosen for the interview & position increase if you are able to produce a short video of yourself in addition to the documents above. You can shoot the video using your smartphone, upload it to Youtube, and share the link to us.

As a test to ensure only candidates with an eye for detail gets through (and you have read the entire listing), please also let us know your favorite food.

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