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Updates on fleet management system, industrial internet-of-things, and enterprise operations tips.

Infrastructure upgrade completed!

We are happy to announce that we have completed a major infrastructure upgrade on Sunday, 2:00am, 19th October 2014. Katsana™ GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System is now stronger and faster than ever. The upgrade is done in line with...

Whats new in Katsana Version 2

Hi everyone! If you are a subscriber of Katsana, you are now rocking the new Version 2.0 that was released on 25th August 2014. Thats right, we are now on Version 2.0 of Katsana Advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management...

Vehicle tracking made easy with Katsana

Hi everyone! We have just made a small but important update on our website’s frontpage. Instead of showing a stagnant iPhone with the login screen of our upcoming iOS app, we now show the actual interface of the mobile-friendly Katsana...

The best GPS tracker system in Malaysia

Katsana has been featured in Astro Awani last April, 2014. Astro Awani In Gear, Season 4 Episode 10 Part 1: Is this the best GPS Tracker in Malaysia? Katsana 0:05: Ok, the next segment is coming up and unfortunately it...

Katsana GPS is upgraded with new servers!

Over the last few days, we have upgraded Katsana servers to prepare for future expansions in term of number of vehicles tracked by Katsana GPS, and also upcoming features that we are currently developing. Since Katsana tracks and updates the...

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