June 08, 2023

Microsoft Active Directory integration with KATSANA Fleet Management platform

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Microsoft Active Directory integration with vehicle fleet management system

Modern fleet operators rely on several enterprise solutions to manage their day-to-day operations. One of the most popular solutions is the Microsoft Active Directory that allows fleet owners and operators to manage their users and resources better. KATSANA is proud to announce a successful integration with Active Directory as we strive to become the Operating System for Fleet Operators.

Complexity in managing a large fleet increases several folds as the size of the fleet increases. As larger fleets are now adopting KATSANA Fleet Management platform, naturally we are getting more requests to integrate Active Directory into the platform.

There are several reasons why large fleets would want this integration to happen.

1. Managing users and access level

Fleet Management integration with Active Directory allow fleet operators to create and manage user accounts for their fleet personnels. This includes administrators, back office clerks, maintenance staff and drivers. User accounts can be organised into groups based on roles or departments, simplifying the management of access rights and permissions.

By integrating Katsana with Active Directory, we allow:

  • A single source of truth for roles and permission management (in this case, Microsoft Active Directory)
  • Only the right individuals have authorised access to the Katsana fleet management platform and its features. You can block access to the entire KATSANA fleet platform if the user has no authority to view any information in the platform

2. Authentication and Single Sign-On

When Active Directory integration is enabled in KATSANA fleet platform, users can now login to Katsana applications and services using their company-issued Active Directory access. This simplifies user onboarding, authentication, and also removal significantly. As a user, this is a breath of fresh air as it eliminates the need for separate usernames and passwords.

Furthermore, with Active Directory enabled, you can now:

  • ensure consistency in account security requirements where KATSANA relies entirely on Active Directory authentication services.
  • assign users to specific fleet operation platforms and features with a clear hierarchy based on established rules and roles in Active Directory.
  • centralise user management by using Active Directory administrative interfaces to reset passwords and modify access permissions. These changes will propagate to KATSANA, providing the fleet operator with a unified and efficient user management experience

3. User provisioning and De-provisioning

Imagine a fleet of 500 vehicles with 750 drivers; provisioning new user accounts in the fleet management platform would be a hassle as drivers need to be onboarded afresh. The integration with Active Directory automates and eliminates this hassle entirely. When a new staff, or a new driver joins the company, their user account can be created in Active Directory, and the necessary permissions for the Katsana can be assigned based on their role.

Similarly when an employee leaves the company, their Active Directory account can be deactivated, ensuring immediate removal of access to KATSANA fleet platform.

4. Synchronising users between Active Directory & Katsana

The integration with Active Directory allows for a seamless synchronisation of user information with Katsana. For example, changes that are made in Active Directory such as updates to user details or role changes, are automatically reflected in Katsana Fleet platform. This ensures user information remains accurate and up-to-date, reducing your administrative overhead and maintaining data consistency.

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Written by Fuqaha, CEO of KATSANA Holdings. Connect with me on LinkedIn.