March 23, 2022

Fleet Management Integration and Accident Reconstruction for CyberSecurity Malaysia

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KATSANA is excited to partner with CyberSecurity Malaysia in the integration of accident reconstruction system into KATSANA Fleet Management platform to make the roads safer in Malaysia.

About CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM)

Operating under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKM), CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) is a government agency initiated in January 1997 to provide specialized cyber security services. Committed to spearheading the development of a safer and resilient cyber ecosystem for Malaysians, CSM has over 40+ partners while serving numerous Malaysian businesses and organizations.

What is CSM Looking For?

cybersecurity malaysia collaborates with katsana fleet managment services

In 2021, the Federal Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department recorded  566,760 motor vehicle accidents in Malaysia. In response to this alarming number of road accidents, CSM is developing the “CamKenderaan Forensics Data Preservation System” to support vehicular forensic investigations, especially in areas of accident data reconstruction.

Vehicular data gathered prior to, during, and after a car accident can provide valuable insights into what went wrong in an accident, which may lead to improved driving safety programs in Malaysia.

On top of this development, CSM hopes to establish a standard for vehicular digital forensics by producing legally acceptable data to be used beyond organizational research; for example, digital evidence to be used in legal matters.

The partnership between Cybersecurity Malaysia and KATSANA Fleet Services Sdn. Bhd.

The partnership saw CyberSecurity Malaysia incorporating KATSANA Integrated Fleet solutions to assist in the development of CamKenderaan Forensics Data Preservation System.

KATSANA is selected on the merit of being an industry proven, robust and data-centric Integrated Fleet Management system.

What separates KATSANA apart from other telematics providers in the market are:

  1. Sensor-agnostic: KATSANA is designed to integrate with any telematics devices available in the market. We support regular GPS tracking unit that captures simple speed & location data, to more advanced telematics unit with CAN data integration through CANBus.
  2. Rich data set that leads to deep behavior insight: Taking pride in KATSANA’s large existing data set of driver behavior data across South East Asia, CSM is able to ride on KATSANA’s deep behavior insight delivered through interactive dashboard to provide a clear understanding of what went wrong in accident-causing trips.
  3. Robust Telematics Platform that supports high precision Accident Reconstruction Data: Proven platform that is stable and highly redundant against failures, KATSANA platform is trusted to collect, store and analyze critical accident-related data that is streamed directly from a crashed vehicle. Ensuring safe transmission, storage, and processing of the accident data enables KATSANA to produce a detailed overview of the car accident for review by CSM.

cybersecurity malaysia rep with katsana fleet management services

Challenges to acquiring & analyzing car accident data

Forensics readiness in vehicles

CSM requires a ruggedized telematics unit (hardware) and proven telematics platform (systems) to collect, preserve and protect digital evidence in vehicles, with focus on collecting accident-related data during a car crash.

Preservation of data

Refined data needs to be stored safely to prevent access or tampering from unauthorized users.

Manual analysis of data

Lack of resources to analyze collected data to produce meaningful results and reports.

Accessibility to the data

A fleet management platform to access interpreted data and reports for authorized users.

Fleet Management System as Solutions

KATSANA Fleet Management with CANBUS Integration and Accident Reconstruction System

fleet management integration to accident detection system

Machine Learning Approaches To Vehicle Crash Detection

With advanced learning algorithms, KATSANA® Fleet Sensors (in particular, CANBus reader) can precisely measure data generated from car accidents and provide insights into driving behavior within the allocated period. The accident reconstruction feature in KATSANA telematics Platform also serves as a data silo to collect, preserve, and protect the acquired data.

Cloud Storage Technology

KATSANA® Fleet Management System stores the raw, processed, and refined vehicle crash data safely with necessary encryptions to ensure maximum security. Authorized users will be the only ones allowed access to these data.

Automated Crash Data Analysis System

Automation produces quality, accurate data with little to no human intervention required in data analysis. Users can benefit from meaningful, legally-acceptable data and reports for intensive forensic studies.

Centralized Data on a Single Platform

Retrieved data and reports gathered into a unified platform; KATSANA® Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Platform. Authorized users can quickly access data and report wherever and whenever needed.

Benefits of Fleet Management System

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