The name KATSANA

The name KATSANA originated by a Malay abbreviation for “dekat sana” which stands for “over there” in English.


To create safer roads and save lives through technology.


To become the defacto solution for usage-based insurance telematics in the region.

To become the forefront of connected-cars technology in the automotive industry.

To become the largest telematics provider in the international market.


As KATSANA evolves and grow, the company will face new challenges, rewarded with new opportunities, and become home to talents that find solace in our organisation, these five values remains :

Team Effort

Everyone has a say and everyone has to have ownership of the products. That means we care about the development and we are honest and direct with constructive criticism. 
We are a team, so we are also thoughtful in how we do it, and tender when we say it.

World Class

We strive to be the benchmark for other technology companies. We do things with pride in our work, where passion emanates from every corner of the products. We are a team that are more than the sum of all parts.


We put honesty above everything else. We accept that mistakes happen, and we expect people to learn from it. We are a team that find solutions together and grow together.


We ask questions, and understand that answers may be varied. We poke and experiment with new technologies, yet we value and respect tried and tested techniques. Our final answers are based on data, with instinct as guidance.


We value action than indecision. We understand that success does not lie with right or wrong decision. Success lies with perseverance and resilience when a decision is made.

The Story of KATSANATM

How it all started


KATSANA is the brainchild of Syed Ahmad Fuqaha who was inspired to develope a GPS tracking system when his brother and a friend lost their cars in 2013. This led Syed Ahmad Fuqaha to realise on the need to have a modern GPS tracking solution for the smartphone age.


A prototype was built in 3 months and in 2014, KATSANA Track was released commercially to the market. In April 2014, KATSANA encountered it first case of stolen car which is succesfully recovered in an hour. It also won a grant by Skim Permulaan Usahawan Bumiputera (SUPERB) by TERAJU, a strategic unit in the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia and awarded by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

By June 2014, KATSANA started to gain traction among larger enterprises. As a response, KATSANA Fleet was developed to tackle the needs for fleet users that manage hundreds of vehicles.

This lead KATSANA to put effort into understanding driver behavior patterns on the road and score fleet drivers based on how well, or bad they drive. This marks the beginning of big data and predictive analytics capability in KATSANA.


In 2015, the team realised that the scoring capability is rather precise and has worked tremendously well, A strategic decision has been made to explore business case for motor insurance sector.


By 2016, a new API-centric , big data analytics platform for motor insurers is announced. KATSANA Insight is developed based on direct engagements and discussions with several motor insurers in Malaysia. It is ready to be deployed in 2017 in preparation for the detariffication of motor insurance premiums.

In August 2016, KATSANA managed to close a RM 4.0 million investment by Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF) , an investment arm by Axiata Berhad.